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 Possible Clan-Battle formation

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Possible Clan-Battle formation Empty
PostSubject: Possible Clan-Battle formation   Possible Clan-Battle formation Icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2007 10:34 am

We are now ready for Clan Battles!
We clan play:
- 2vs2 (DaDouD + 2nd)
- 3vs3 (DaDouD + 2nd + 3rd)
- 4vs4 (DaDouD + PuDuK + Tobias + Suolas)

2nd,3rd = Rank after the tournament.

For the 2vs2 and 3vs3 Clan Team Battle, the only member who is a titular is DaDouD. The others members will be chose soon.
Please keep in mind that we are Europeans (french) and so that we won’t be able to play during the US’s evening time. We will also do Clan Battles during weekends except if there isn’t any other possibility.

The team for the 4vs4 clan battle isn't determined forever, it might change with the arrival of new members! The others members participing with DaDouD in clan battles will be determined by a tournament between clan members. We haven't decided when exactly the tournament will occur but it will be during April's end of the month. Prepare yourself members ^^

Post by Tobias but written by PuDuK

Possible Clan-Battle formation Tobias
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Possible Clan-Battle formation
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