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 Sacred Grove V1

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PostSubject: Sacred Grove V1   Sacred Grove V1 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2007 6:00 pm

Yes, it's that time again folks! New mod, by Kayar!
Straight from the readme:

readme wrote:

Sacred Grove V1

Hello to anyone who happens to be reading this!

I have recently been leading a very stressful, painful life, since around a month or less ago. At the time I had begun making this mod. It originally started, as all my mods do, as an experiment. It later became my escape from the crap I've been going through, and so I decided to make it a peaceful little sanctuary...

...inside which you can now completely wreak havoc and own each other with the various new additions to the map!

These include but are not limited to:

-Trees. Lots of trees.

-Liquid sunshine. You'll see what I mean.

-Bouncy, colorful projectiles with which to kill each other. Aren't they pretty?

-Flying warthogs, and no vehicle ceiling.

-Various other interesting projectile changes.

-Different weapon placements, as well as new weapons.

These are just a few changes. You'll have to see the rest for yourself.

Note(s): One of the bouncy projectiles is just for looks and does not hurt people. Saying this so that no one yells at me later. Also, if you use a game type (not included) that allows for use of ghosts and scorpions, those have been modded slightly too. And no, you aren't going crazy, but the scorpion doesn't move. For use as a turret, since I hate tank noobs.


And a few screenshots...

Sacred Grove V1 Ebdbzygkrl
Sacred Grove V1 Mucjrskntu
Sacred Grove V1 Lixqmkmfur
Sacred Grove V1 Wonjbxujbl

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Sacred Grove V1
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